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1. Elevating Archivists with AI: A New Approach to Photo Archive Description

- Jatniko Nur Mutaqin

- Tasdik Eko Pramono

- Achmad Dedi Faozi

2. Evaluation and Categorization of Digital Files: Images of the construction of royal crematoriums, architectural structures accompanying royal crematoriums, royal carriages, royal barges, and ceremonial accessories for the funeral of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana, the Princess of Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra

- Natthamon Jitjate

3. Embracing Digitisation: From Dust To Bytes

- Nurul Aiqa binti Mohamad Zain

4. The Application of Functional Analysis Principles to design a model of File Plan and Records Retention Schedule: a case study of Dean’s office, Faculty of Archaeology, Silpakorn University, Thailand

- Ph.D. Waraporn Poolsatitiwat

5. Harnessing Digital Records Management and Archives Administrarion Through Information Governance

- Dr. Azman Mat Isa

6. Crowdsourcing : Is it Possible? (Case Study Covid-19 Pandemic Archive In National Archives of The Republic of Indonesia)

- Afrizal Zurman

- Bayu Tanoyo

- Nurmita Arum Sari

7. Thai Government and Its Readiness on Strategic Level for Public Records Management in Digital Era

- Ph.D. Pimphot Seelakate

8. Implementation of a sustainable solution for the preservation of analogue photographs in a tropical environment

- Ph.Bertrand Lavédrine

9. Paradigm Shift in Learning Archival Studies in Indonesia: Case Study on the Application of the Curriculum on Digital Records at the Archives and Records Management Study Program at Universitas Gadjah Mada

- Lastria Nurtanzila

- Faizatush Sholikhah

10. Modelling Archival Data And What It Can Do For You

- Andre Hui

- Jamie Lee

11. Digital Document Management System: Records Management’s Transformer in Malaysia

- Jamilah binti Jamal

12. Educating archivists and information curators: continuity and transition

- Ph.D. Wachiraporn Klungthanaboon

- Ph.D. Naya Sucha-xaya

13. Digital Preservation and Data Integrity in Archives

- Nordiana Mohd Nordin

14. Digitalization: Electronic Records Management Pratices in Selected Government Agencies in the National Capital Region

- Jean Arriane Z. Adena

- Jhonley Joseph L. Item

15. The Recording of Photographs and the Compilation of Contemporary Event Photographs in Digital Age

- Nuanpan Nagapreecha

16. Educational Archive Initiatives Through a Collaborative Partnership with HEIs of Malaysia

- Jannatul Iza Ahmad Kamal

17. Unlocking the Capability of Character Recognition Software in Handwritten Archives

- Zaidil Akmal bin Zainuddin

18. Documentary Heritage Work at the National Archives of Thailand in Digital Age

- Puthita Khambunlue

19. The Interconnection Between the Archival Law and the Personal Data Protection Law as Means of Safeguarding the Digital Personal Data of Indonesian Citizens

- Oci Hendra Satria

- Riko Priyatmo Ramudin

20. Records Management at The National Archives of Thailand in the Digital Era: Challenges and Perspectives

- Sarayut Thummachot

21. Archives Digitalization for the Greater Good: A Case of Mormon Christians Community and Its Project of Archives Digitalization

- Harry Bawono

- Peny Wulandari

22. Digital Restitution of Iconographic Heritage: Digitization as a Portrait of Collections

- Jean-Gabriel Lopez

23. Challenges in Using Technology to Manage the Royal Glass Plate Negatives of The National Archives of Thailand

- Pawida Somwong

24. The Administration of H.E. General Prem Tinsulanonda the Prime Minister’s Personal Collection in Digital Age

- Ornuma Somboonsab

25. Transcription in the Oral History Centre, Singapore: Singapore From the Analog Past to a Digital Future

- John Choo

26. Building Digital Collections for Egyptian Artists’ Archives and Oral Histories: A Project Case Study

- Stephen Urgola

27. Designing the Southeast Asian Languages Fieldwork Digital Collection

- Suphitchaya Singsahuth

28. Continuance of Malaysia Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Preservation Through Audiovisual Archives Documentation

- Ph.D. Mazlina Pati Khan